29th July, 2019
Youth Conclave – The FLIP.

Breakthrough’s Youth Conclave – The Flip, in association with RLS is an event where the youth are given a platform to create safer spaces, and challenge and transform gender norms. It is convergence of young people from diverse backgrounds to share creative solutions for sensitization of people towards building safer spaces and shifting gender discriminatory norms. The uniqueness of the program lies in its ability to create a movement for the youth that is by the youth, to create safer spaces through a purposeful engagement. Breakthrough wants to enable the creation of safe, shared spaces for boys and girls in colleges and communities by creating platforms for honest conversations on safety, sexual harassment and other allied issues such as gender based discrimination (GBD), gender based violence and other related issues. Young people with their boundless talent and energy and their vision for a brighter tomorrow, hold enormous potential to change the existing culture of violence and discrimination. Breakthrough’s Youth Conclave will be a platform created by Breakthrough’s youth leaders. This platform will invite young people to share solutions to the safety issues they face –these could include films, photo blog initiatives, campaigns, media products, games and other tools that build an alternative narrative about gender based discrimination and safety. At this event, Breakthrough will acknowledge and screen the best 10 of the most effective and innovative solutions proposed and will award the best 3.

The conclave will be conducted on 28th September, Saturday at Bal Bhawan (located in Central Delhi, near ITO).

We believe that as more young people start discussing the issues pertaining to safety, the more they will create action to address the situation. The Conclave will provide a platform to begin this process of change.

How to participate?

To participate in the competition, the youth will be required to come up with the products, campaigns, innovatory solutions, or films that can help in bringing a change in the society in combating gender based discrimination and violence. Please submit your entries (films/device/tool/picture story/or presentation of the tangible solution) by 1st September through email on generation@breakthrough.tv .The top 10 entries that will be screened or presented at the event and the best three will be awarded. The presentation should not exceed the time of 10 Mins.

Example of alternative solutions:

  • The Film : #LetsRootForEachOther

The film depicts one of the major problems that is faced by a large number of women and girls in the city, and that is sexual harassment at public place (shown here is a public transport, auto). After addressing and showcasing the issue, the film also shows an alternative solution and that is bystanders’ intervention. That is the flip.

    • Picture Story:

The picture story depicts a regular day in Kavita’s life that shows her daily struggle of double burden, how she stumbles between domestic work and factory work on her own due to which she is forced to ignore her own self. The flip shows an alternative where she and her husband do all the chores together and he becomes her #KaamKaPartner.

For more details,

For queries and Submission please write to us at generation@breakthrough.tv


Contact: Shubhika (Mob- 9811891848), Priyanka (Mob- 8130506706)

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