FYI 2nd December, 2019

Convening on women’s participation in formal workforce.

Reframe is series by Breakthrough in order to look at different ways to rethink current scenario and come up with alternative solutions from a space of changing norms, policies and practices around various forms of issues- of violence against women.


Breakthrough facilitated this multi-stakeholder conversation to address the issue of women’s work from both employees and employer’s perspective. The key objectives of the consultation were: 

  • Understand and unpack the different social norms which are responsible for restricting women’s formal workforce participation 
  • Share experiences of how organisations are addressing the gender pay-gap and breaking the glass ceiling 
  • To look into examples and experiences from organisations which promote the idea of a diverse and inclusive workspace.

Our keynote speaker was Mr. Celement Chauvet from UNDP. The topics were Gender pay-gap & glass ceiling – current scenario & how to close it; Factors leading to decreasing participation of women in paid workforce in India; Increasing women’s participation in paid work – Looking at solutions.  


Also, the participants from Sukhmanch theatre performed to showcase- ‘Possible Solutions towards a more gender-inclusive workplace’. 

The consultation highlighted a few challenges that need to be recognized when one talks about increasing women’s participation in the formal workforce.

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