2nd July, 2019

Breakthrough has completed 20 years and it has been a very exciting journey.

Breakthrough started its journey to change the narrative on violence against women and girls and other human rights abuse across India and US to create a world where everyone lived a life with dignity, equality and justice. Mallika Dutt, the founder of Breakthrough felt that human rights issues needed to be translated into a cultural context so that even those people who aren’t interested can be reached. How best can you reach them but through a music video? Promoted by Virgin Records, “Mann ke Manjeere” spoke about a woman who walks out of a domestic violence situation and becomes a truck driver, it became a dream where everything was possible. And for a long time after that, she and the production team were talking about women’s rights and violence against women in mainstream media. To read more about this please visit our web-page: http://ec2-3-17-61-110.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/20-years-of-breakthrough/

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