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Covid Sheroes.

History has shown us that the journey of overcoming crises has been made possible by community efforts where people from all walks of life came together and supported each other through turbulent times. Incidents of collective support can be documented back to the 19th century – especially when society was dealing with epidemics and wars. Overcoming such conflict would not have been possible without community support. However, Covid-19 forced most of us to retreat indoors in a bid to keep ourselves safe.


But keeping the spirit of community support alive, this is where the internet came to play. Those of us on Twitter noticed extensive activities committed to aiding with Covid-relief work, especially in the wake of the second wave. We witnessed many women on Twitter who undertook extraordinary efforts in order to provide relief and responsibly use the platform to its fullest potential in order to provide Covid-based support. We aspire to acknowledge their efforts and to further amplify their exemplary work on Twitter.

We present to you COVID SHEROES where we invite you to nominate women on Twitter who you have witnessed use their platform for supporting and amplifying Covid-relief work and the spirit of coming together as a society in times of crisis.


The primary objective of this initiative is to nominate people who identify as women
on Twitter for their outstanding commitment to Covid-relief in the course of the pandemic.

Eligibility details:

– The nominee is an adult person (above the age of 18) who identifies as a woman.

– Nominee has under 10,000 followers.

– Grounds for nomination solely rely on the usage of their Twitter platform for Covid relief.

– They should be active on Twitter and be making at least weekly updates.

– They SHOULD NOT have a history of violating Twitter rules. They should represent positive communication.

– Examples of Covid-relief work comprise the following:

– Connecting those in need of oxygen tanks and beds, plasma, medicines, etc to those who have the supplies.

– Providing on-ground reports and updates about patient numbers and details.

– Individuals who provided covid-related updates in areas that were not getting significant coverage in mainstream platforms.

– Individuals who used Twitter to build on-ground volunteer networks in order to support Covid patients and amplify calls for help.

– Consistently gathering SOS calls and supply notices for Covid-relief materials and putting them together in one place for people to search in an accessible manner.

– Consistently and systematically disseminating accurate information about medical information, as well as debunking fake news and misinformation, pertaining to Covid-19.

– Creating and/or sharing resources about emotional and mental well-being in the context of a pandemic.

– Creating and/or sharing resources about how Covid-19 has further harmed people from vulnerable communities.

– Using Twitter to develop support mechanisms for those affected by the pandemic, beyond immediate medical needs.

– Roping in influencers on Twitter to circulate SOS calls, accurate information and supply notices.

– Aiding people who are unfamiliar with social media, and in need of Covid-relief materials, to navigate the platform.

– Helping students with their education after they were shuttered in their homes due to the pandemic.

– One tweet/retweet isn’t enough. The nominee has to be involved in circulating Covid-relief material for a consistent period of time. Minimum time period would be one month.

– This is applicable to Covid-relief work since 2020, not just the second wave of the pandemic.

– You can nominate yourself.

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