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  Posted On November 21, 2022
Formative Research in Odisha.

With the prospect of going straight into a scale-up in Odisha, Breakthrough felt it to be more of an imperative to be taking up a formative research in Odisha to not only inform the curriculum components but also to assess our approach in relation to the local context. Therefore, with approval from the government body […]

  Posted On November 21, 2022
Joining Task Force of the Punjab State Project Management Unit to implement NEP.

A significant opportunity to influence other large organizations working in the state as well as facilitate the inclusion of more gender equal content into different programs in Punjab arose in the third quarter of this reporting period when we got invited to be a part of the Punjab State Project Management Unit (PMU). This unit, […]

  Posted On June 7, 2022
Breakthrough’s three-day Pan-Asia Summit ‘Reframe’ was a huge success.

Breakthrough’s three-day Pan-Asia Summit ‘Reframe’  gathered a 1000+ audiences from 16 countries in March 2022 and concluded with recommendations from intersectional feminists across the globe to end Gender-based Violence. In partnership with ARROW, Men Engage Alliance South Asia, Swayam and partly supported by UNWomen, held virtually, the 3 day event saw participation of feminists and […]

  Posted On June 7, 2022
Kishori Samvad Under Samagra Project in Jharkhand.

Kishori Samvads’ (dialogue with adolescents) were held under the Breakthrough pilot program, which is a part of the Young Warrior NXT, led by UNICEF & YuWaah. This partnership aimed to deploy large-scale life skills delivery solutions to support young people with foundational life skills for future readiness. For the pilot test Breakthrough deployed its existing […]

  Posted On June 7, 2022
This is how Jyoti helps girls escape early marriages and go to college!.

This is Jyoti’s story. Jyoti lives in Ghari Kajoor village, in Karnal, Haryana. In her village, education is rarely a top priority and a large majority of the young women drop out of the school to get married early and start work. But Jyoti refused to let this stop her. The school in her village […]

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