We’re sure you could think of many scenes like the above.
Our entertainment industry is full of examples of how women’s bodies continue to be subjected to violence (of any kind) on screen.
To talk about that that, Breakthrough launched Violence Is Not Filmy, a campaign that pushes back against the idea
that violence against women is a normal thing to see on our screens.

(Re)Imagining ‘Pop Culture’:
New Possibilities of Gendering in a Hyper Digital World

We also worked on and released a report: Reimagining Pop Culture. The report examines gender representation in popular culture and how it is consumed in urban/semi-urban parts of India. Through this report, we’re also trying to understand how gender and violence are deployed as popular cultural tropes.

Now the important question:
Where do YOU come in?

If you believe that violence against women should not be treated in a throwaway manner in popular

culture, then you can help us.

Sign our petition to add a disclaimer to films which depict violence against women on screens. We’re

already well over 2,00,000 signatures; come and be a part of the movement today!

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Join the generation that is working to make the world equal and violence-free.