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Another Pandemic: Intersection Of Digital Abuse | Breakthrough India

A public townhall hosted by Breakthrough on 8th May, 2020 addressing the impact of the pandemic on online violence against women.

Another Pandemic: The Question Of Adolescent Wellbeing | Breakthrough India

A zoom discussion hosted by Breakthrough on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of adolescents from marginalised communities.

Another Pandemic: Domestic Violence | Breakthrough India

Breakthrough India organized a public town-hall on Zoom to discuss rising domestic violence cases during the Covid19 lockdown, with speakers from Coro, Swayam, North East Network, My Choices Foundation, Jagori, and a legal expert, Devyani Kacker. The town-hall also included the chairperson the National Commission For Women, Rekha Sharma.

Tackling Domestic Violence During The Lockdown | Breakthrough India

On April 24, Breakthrough and Miss Malini came together to organize a women's only Townhall on Zoom to share experiences and talk about the silent pandemic: domestic violence. The Townhall's speakers were:
Malini Agarwal, Founder, MissMalini
Sohini Bhattacharya, CEO and President, Breakthrough
Nayana Chowdhury, Director - Program, Breakthrough
Lakshmi Ayyagiri, Psychologist
Soni Singh, Lawyer

Women's Right To Property | Breakthrough India

In a historic judgement on 11th August 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that daughters will have equal coparcenary rights in Hindu Undivided Family properties, even if the father had died before the enactment of the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act (HSA Amendment) of 2005.
In this conversation by Property Rights Research Consortium and Breakthrough India, legal experts and women’s rights advocates discussed the significance of this verdict, the legal history of women’s equal rights to land and property and outline other issues which remain to be addressed when it comes to providing land and property ownership rights to women.

Storytelling To Inspire Change | Breakthrough India

कहानी सुने-कहानी बदलें Vedi Sinha from The Aahwaan Project in a musical story telling session to inspire change.

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