Tool Kits.

Breakthrough’s Training Tools to build capacity required for addressing and preventing gender based discrimination and violence against women and girls.

Addressing Gender-Biased Sex Selection - Training Toolkit.
Bell Bajao - Advocacy Kit Against Domestic Violence.
Bell Bajao - Case Study.
Early Marriage - FAQs.
Elimination of Early Marriage - Toolkit for Teachers and NGOs.
Gender and Rights - Training Toolkit.
HIV and AIDS Awareness Toolkit.
Immersive Pedagogy - Preventing and Addressing Violence and Discrimination Against Women and Girls.
Mann Ke Manjeere - Case Study.
Campaigning For Change - Curriculum Toolkit.
Instructional Design Toolkit.
Multimedia Campaigns - Training Toolkit.
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit.
Theatre of the Oppressed - Process Document.
Review of Organisational Approaches for Adolescent Empowerment.
Law and policy support for adolescent empowerment and addressing gender based violence.
Risk Mitigation Strategies Talking points for Stakeholders to child marriage and violence.
Capacity Building Module for Adolescent girls and boys.
Capacity Building Module for Adolescent Girls.
Capacity Building Module for Adolescent Boys.
Child Marriage - What Why and How.
GBV why does it matter to adolescents.
Lifeskills curriculum for adolescent boys and girls.
Community Mobilisation Tools in Addressing GBV.
Resource book for civil society.
Adolescent Empowerment TOC.
Introduction to Adolescent Empowerment Toolbox.
Adolescent Framework Content Page.
Prevention and Awareness of Sexual Harassment.
Recognize Sexual Harassment.
Workbook for Young Men on Violence and Masculinities.
Get Involved.
Join the generation that is working to make the world equal and violence-free.