Newsletter 7th June, 2022

Kishori Samvad Under Samagra Project in Jharkhand.

Kishori Samvads’ (dialogue with adolescents) were held under the Breakthrough pilot program, which is a part of the Young Warrior NXT, led by UNICEF & YuWaah. This partnership aimed to deploy large-scale life skills delivery solutions to support young people with foundational life skills for future readiness.

For the pilot test Breakthrough deployed its existing adolescent empowerment curriculum – Taaron ki Toli (TkT) to train and upskill select change leaders (BT Samagra fellows) who are young people themselves; who in turn trained adolescents (15-18year olds) from their communities. 

The pilot in the intervention villages in UP and Jharkhand culminated in Kishori Samvads. 

These Kishori Samvads(dialogue with adolescents) helped adolescents to engage via interactions with the community at large, negotiate with significant stakeholders and convey their grievances and opinions to them. For instance, the girls from Muslim Mohalla (Muslim colony) , in Bes, rallied against early marriage in the areas where it was most predominant. After the rally, several women in the Tola exclaimed that they would, in the future, not engage in marrying their daughters off before the legal age. Through interactions with parents, stakeholders, and other members of the community, the samvads created the scope for intergenerational dialogues. 

200 Kishori Samvaads(dialogue with adolescents) were conducted in Lucknow and Hazaribagh intervention villages reaching 2315 adolescents and were witnessed by more than 3200 community members including other adolescents besides the Pradhans, FLWs, and SHG members.

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