Newsletter 21st November, 2022

Joining Task Force of the Punjab State Project Management Unit to implement NEP.

A significant opportunity to influence other large organizations working in the state as well as facilitate the inclusion of more gender equal content into different programs in Punjab arose in the third quarter of this reporting period when we got invited to be a part of the Punjab State Project Management Unit (PMU). This unit, which includes other prime organisations like UNICEF, Saanjhi Sikhia, Shikshalokam and Mantra, works towards integration of efforts for collective outcomes in Punjab and Breakthrough became a member of the Task Force Committee constituted for the implementation of the NEP (National Education Programme) in the state.

As one of the first initiatives, we disseminated the 21st century skills lens and guideline for the gender equity curriculum, and are happy to report that it is currently being used by other partners in the PMU. Going forward, we will engage in the following tasks, which, we expect, will give us space to strategically engage with the education system in the state and contribute to strengthening/ informing/ influencing/ inspiring a gender equity:

Breakthrough will review and
recommend the curricular and
pedagogical framework for Early
Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
to GOP
NEP has a set of recommendations relating to the school complex basis which GOP is conducting a pilot study in one school complex. Breakthrough will be undertaking the gender analysis for this study and will also prepare a poster for the Good School Complex.
Breakthrough will review the teachers training curriculum for ECCE teachers in relation to the curricular/pedagogical framework, and will build capacities of a new cadre of ECCE teachers in Anganwadis as well as current Anganwadi workers/teachers Transgender children are not a part of regular schools in Punjab. In this context, Breakthrough will provide guidance to the GOP for their inclusion and recommend the kind of orientation teacher/parents/students should have for this
Breakthrough will review and modify the gender content in the D.Ed syllabus of DIET 15 to align it with NEP
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