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10th February, 2021
Dakhal Do.

Dakhal Do is a campaign organised by breakthrough India, talking about bystander intervention. The purpose of the campaign is the focus on how people, despite either witnessing or acknowledging the presence of violence against women, walk away or choose to ignore the problem arguing that it “isn’t their problem.” 

With ‘DakhalDo’, Breakthrough asks people to break out of this mindset and acknowledge that violence against women is everyone’s problem. If we chose to intervene when we see it in any space, we are not only ensuring that the survivor feels safer, we are also ensuring that violence against women becomes seen as unacceptable. 

Breakthrough collaborated with Bollywood star, Rajkummar Rao to spread awareness around Dakhal Do. The star shared the message of Dakhal Do on his social media handles and asked people to participate in Breakthrough’s ‘Mirror Selfie Pledge’ – an initiative where people were asked to share their Mirror Selfies and pledge to intervene in violence against women. 

As a part of this campaign, Breakthrough launched a contest in Uttar Pradesh, asking people to share their stories of intervening in cases of violence against women. The winner would share their story over radio and also receive a personal message from Rajkummar Rao.  

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