10th August, 2022
Story ke peeche.

Story Ke Peeche is part of the larger project of Breakthrough on pop culture where we are aiming to shift mindsets around the portrayal of men and women in pop culture and media. Story Ke Peeche is a space to host and initiate a series of conversations with creators, writers, ad directors, actors, digital content creators. The idea behind the series is to bring forth the voices of the creators and build a collaborative space that starts with conversation and deep engagement. We will be having a more meaningful and sustained conversation with content creators to understand how content feeds into and reinforces gender regressive norms and in the process aim for more progressive narratives. We have completed three episodes of Story Ke Peeche via Instagram Lives with creators from the advertising industry and we have more episodes in line. Reference links to the three episodes: 1, 2, 3

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