23rd May, 2022
Team change leaders.

Barefoot Counselling Training

The Barefoot Counselling Training in Haryana was very effective for participants. They were able to convert their weaknesses into their strengths and also support their fellow team mates to get out of mental stress and perform with full productivity. 5 TCLs were trained by a mental health and well being expert in Haryana last month. Unique combination of didactic and practical training with exercises has helped TCLs to improve interpersonal skills, to identify problems and solve them.

Exposure and Learning Visit

In an exposure visit to the state of Uttar Pradesh, the TCLs of Jharkhand and UP shared and learnt about the problems and issues faced by the adolescents and youth of their area. Post the exposure visit, one of the TCLs said: “Now I will return to Hazaribagh and form mixed groups, I will ensure boys also participate in all activities with us as is done by TCLs in UP”.

TCLs requested practical exposure in the field and we planned to engage them to support the BT monitoring, evaluation, research data collection process and application of social research training .

The TCLs of Jharkhand who had been somewhat reticent till now are now full of confidence, motivation and energy to take initiatives on their own in their communities. Drawing up an application to approach the Mukhiya with their demands, taking on leadership roles and encouraging Roshan Taras and Ujjwal Taras to join in are post-exposure visits initiatives. The TCLs of UP also learnt about the problems and issues faced by the adolescents and youth of Jharkhand especially those coming from tribal belts. The curiosity and skill of questioning exhibited by Jharkhand TCLs impressed the TCLs of UP. Thus a healthy exchange of information and ideas took place between the two teams of TCLs.

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