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We have some exciting news on the horizon! In the backdrop of the recently launched Generation Equality Forum and as one of the co-leads of the GBV Action Coalition, we are happy to announce the 1st Pan-Asian Virtual Summit – REFRAME – Envisioning a World Without GBV (2nd March – 4th March 2022).  

Summit Themes

Building agency and leadership for Preventing GBV & GBD

Building and strengthening agency and leadership skills of adolescents,  young people, gender diverse and marginalised groups we work with. Sharing of  strategies, tools, insights and recommendations of what worked in supporting these  groups to live to their full potential, becoming leaders and role models in their own  right.

Covid - 19 and beyond - Re-strategising to prevent GBV, strengthening  adolescents, youth and communities

Addressing the emerging issues (prevention and response) of GBV  during the pandemic. Recognising the role communities play in addressing GBV during  the pandemic. Sharing of tools, strategies, innovations and recommendations to  address emerging issues.

The Internet of Social Change

Relooking at the internet and digital media space beyond just its usage.  Work on institutional frameworks for inclusivity when it comes to access, usage and  control of the new media technologies for the marginalised groups and how new tech  is leaving behind the voices of women, girls and all other marginalized social and gender identities.

Creating An Enabling Environment and Building Allies: Preventing GBV  & GBD

The importance of engaging allies from diverse backgrounds in order  to build an environment with strong response mechanisms that amplifies, supports  and helps in pushing back against gender-based violence and discrimination with an  intersectional lens. We look at discussing the key stakeholders, strategies and tools to  create a violence-free/safer environment, transform narratives and harness the power  of arts and popular culture in influencing how gender norms are challenged.

Collaborating and co-creating - Collective actions for agenda setting  within the region

Sharing of learnings and best practices from regional collaborations  through community based intervention and advocacy efforts, to shape the way  forward in addressing GBV through inter-country and sub regional partnerships,  networks, forum and alliances

Reframe Summit Agenda

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