A dad’s promise of support to his daughter
A dad’s promise of support to his daughter.

In areas like Bihar and Jharkhand, where we work to curb the practice of early marriage of girls, our midline findings highlight the father’s role in matters related to a girl’s education and marriage. We also found that the fathers have been the traditional decision makers when it comes to marriage. In a patriarchal society, while different factors impact the rights of a girl child, it is crucial that we place a father, a patriarch, a man right at the centre of this conversation. The onus also lies with the community to come forward in support of a father to create an ecosystem of support for fulfilling a girl’s rights.

In changing times where masculinity is being redefined and intergenerational relationships are evolving, the campaign #MyDadMyAlly aims to explore a space where a father can be a support system, a confidante, a friend and an ally to his daughter.

Even though a father may view his daughter through the lens of responsibility, obedience and honour; she is a person with her own dreams and ambitions. It is her right to fulfil her aspirations. It is her right to her choices, her right to freedom and her right to even make mistakes. For a father to support his daughter’s choices, many times he will need to move away from certain societal norms and expectations.

We are calling out to fathers. We are asking them for a promise of support for their daughter’s rights. However, it does not stop at the father. It stops at all of us.

Join us as we campaign for father’s to be allies to their daughters.


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