#shareyourstory with your son
#shareyourstory with your son.

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Every woman deals with sexual harassment in varying degrees in her day to day life. Our survey shows that 90 percent of women and girls have experienced sexual harassment once in their lifetime especially at public spaces. As a woman, sexual harassment can sometimes seem like a part of our everyday lives. What’s worse is that young boys and men for the most part are unaware of what actually constitutes sexual harassment.  What they don’t know is that many of their actions that seem like ‘fun’ can actually be categorised as harassment.

Why #shareyourstory?

Because conversations around sexual harassment rarely happen in homes.  We wanted to break this silence and use inter generational dialogue as a tool for doing so. Through our campaign, we wanted mothers to start sharing stories with their sons of the harassment they had faced or face everyday.

With our #shareyourstory campaign, our intention was to:

– reach out to the masses on importance of talking about sexual harassment with young men and boys

– build an inter-generational dialogue on the issue of sexual harassment

– encourage more open discussions in families around the issues of sexual harassment

– encourage responsible parenting

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