The Campaign

More than 90% of women have faced some form of sexual harassment in their lives. 1 in 4 girls is a child bride. More than a third of Indian women face sexual or physical violence at home.

Violence against women is an everyday issue, one which we all see and walk away from. But what if we didn’t? What if instead of saying violence against women is “not our business”, we choose to intervene instead?

That’s what Dakhal Do is. Where, instead of walking away, we intervene.
We speak up. We make violence against women unacceptable.

Dakhal Do is building a movement of active bystanders today. Will you be one?

Share Your Selfies With Us!

Many of us witness violence against women.
Many of us choose to walk away.

But no more.

If you pledge to intervene the next time you witness violence against women, take a mirror selfie and share it on social media, wiith the text:

#DakhalDo kyunki dakhal dene se hinsa ruk jaaye,
toh dakhal andaazi achhi hai.

Don’t forget to tag us at @INBreakthrough.
Let’s take the message forward!

Stories of Intervention

What does it mean to intervene during violence? Listen to these inspiring stories to hear from those who did it!

Ever Intervened? Share it with us.

If you or someone you know has also intervened in violence against women? We want to hear about it. Send us your story and it could be featured on our page!

The Breakthrough Report on Bystander Intervention

Do people intervene in violence against women? What goes through their head when they do?


To answer these questions, we spent a year working with bystanders like you to better understand why people intervene and what motivates / stops them. We spoke to 91 respondents through in-depth qualitative interviews, as well as conducted a digital survey with 721 responses.


And to show for it, we have our report:
Decoding Bystander Behaviour: Actions to address
Violence Against Women.

Our Petition to the Delhi Government

In 2019, the Delhi Government launched its Farishte Dilli Ke scheme which provides a reward of Rs 2000 and a certificate for any good Samaritan who takes accident, acid attacks and burn injuries victims to a hospital.

Working to make safe spaces for women needs not just bystander support but work at multiple systemic and structural levels. That’s why we’ve set up a petition to the Delhi Government, asking it to extend the cover of it’s Farishte Dilli Ke scheme to also cover bystanders who intervene in violence against women cases.

Get Involved.

Join the generation that is working to make the world equal and violence-free.