1 in 3 women in India suffer sexual and physical violence at home.
This existing violence was worsened by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Domestic violence is not a problem that emerged or will vanish once this pandemic goes away. It’s a symptom of a larger problem which this crisis has highlighted.

We need to put an end to this violence that more than 30% of Indian women face and trust us when we say this: We can’t do this without you.

When you donate to Breakthrough, you help us ensure that this issue gets the attention it deserves and survivors of domestic violence have the support they need.

During this lockdown period, Breakthrough has been working on:

  1. Highlighting ways that community members can act as responsible bystanders towards domestic violence in the middle of a lockdown
  2. Coordinating and collectivising with organisations that work on domestic violence in order to assess the situation and collate demands to present to the government to strengthen the state response towards domestic violence
  3. Training frontline workers on domestic violence for them to be able to respond better to the crisis
  4. Sharing and highlighting helpline numbers for intimate partner violence/domestic violence survivors and building awareness on the issue on digital and other media platforms

Breakthrough Impact

‘Bell Bajao’ – a campaign asking men and boys to take a stand against domestic violence.

100,000 people trained on citizen action to stop violence against women and equipped with knowledge of gender and rights.

Over a million men have signed the pledge against domestic violence.

About Breakthrough

Breakthrough has been working for over 20 years to make violence against women and girls unacceptable. We do this by working to change cultural traditions and norms that perpetuate discrimination.

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