Your support will help reduce early marriages in rural India

23 million girls are at risk of
early marriage in India.

(UNICEF report, 2019)

Keeping girls in school is the most powerful
tool to prevent early marriage.

You can protect her childhood.
You can help her continue learning.

Help young girls continue their education during the pandemic

Your support will enable us to work at a grassroots level to reduce early marriages.

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1 in 3 child brides in the world are Indians

(Source information- UNICEF report, 2019)


The Covid-19 induced economic crisis is driving the most vulnerable communities in India to marry their girls early. Estimates suggest that each year, nearly 1.8 million girls under 18 get married in India and this number is only increasing due to the pandemic. We need to invest in the power of people to bring change. 

During the lockdown, we have been:

  • Training frontline workers and Panchayat members to ensure young girls receive the desired support.
  • Ensuring gender-sensitisation continues to be an integral part of the school curriculum.
  • Creating awareness within communities on the relationship between girls’ education and delayed early marriage.
  • Fostering ways for digital learning for young girls.

What to expect with a long-term
commitment to Breakthrough?

Your support to Breakthrough will help build an ecosystem of change-makers, leaders, influencers, frontline workers and volunteers who will work towards ending early marriage. In the face of Covid-19, our education programs on gender equity for adolescent girls and boys have become more consequential than ever. With your support, we are equipping adolescents with an understanding of gender equality.

Breakthrough Impact

Working with communities across
5 states, 13 districts

535,000 adolescents

Gender sensitization curriculum
Running in 773 schools

Shift in gender attitudes
Transformed 15.5% of gender-regressive views of adolescents in Haryana.
(source: JPal)

Likelihood of girls being enrolled in school
Increase by 89% in areas in Bihar where Breakthrough worked.

Reduced in the incidence of early marriage
By 28% in areas in Bihar where breakthrough intervened.
(*As opposed to 22% where Breakthrough didn’t intervene.)

Help young girls continue their education during the pandemic

Your support will enable us to work at a grassroots level to reduce early marriages.

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What can you do to help end early marriage?

Watch the video to know how your support can help our girls
make informed decisions through education.

How do we use your valuable funds?

We at Breakthrough are extremely focused on ensuring that your contribution brings high impact and that the bulk of it is spent on funding programs. Our administrative costs at 12% are well below the Indian non-profit sector average, as we are extremely conscious of spending your money as effectively as possible.

Every donation received is an affirmation of your faith in us, and we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of accountability and transparency always.

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