She was the youngest of five girls.

Her parents had had enough.
They named her Bhateri. Enough.

Imagine living every day, knowing you’re not wanted.
Being teased at school, by others who know too.
Your sense of who you are, your dreams,
being shaped by this knowledge.

That though your loved ones call you Bhateri, or Enough.
nothing you can do or be, will never be good enough.

Millions of girls like Bhateri
suffer discrimination from the moment of birth,
just because they are girls.

The pandemic affects us all. But in a world so unequal, it affects some of us more.

With limited food, limited resources, guess who will get left behind?


You can change this. We need you. More than ever.

Say ENOUGH to gender-based discrimination.

When you make a donation to Breakthrough, you become part of Team Change. Your donation helps us talk to adolescents, families and communities about valuing girls, their rights, their aspirations.

Your donation creates a tiny piece of change. A brother demands that his sister be served the same amount of food. During financial difficulty, a father doesn’t see his daughter’s education as something that is ‘not needed’. A community intervenes if a family is forcing a girl into early marriage to reduce the ‘burden’.

Do you see? With just this choice you’ve made, to be part of
Team Change, you give her the confidence that she is enough

Get Involved.

Join the generation that is working to make the world equal and violence-free.
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