Experiences of Violence Against Women and bystander intervention.

Who are we?

Breakthrough is an organisation which works on ending violence* against women. We engage with people through campaigns and direct interventions on issues of gender-based violence and discrimination. One of the issues we are interested in understanding is women’s experiences of violence, and associate with that we also want to understand what motivates or would motivate people to act or speak against a public act of violence against women which they witness, both in general public spaces, buildings etc. as well as on public transport. Would you be interested in helping us learn more about this issue?

Who are you?

Are you a woman who has experienced violence in a public space? Are you someone who has tried to prevent or spoken out against a public act of violence against a woman or girl? Would you be willing to share your experience with us?

What do we aim to do?

If you would like to share your experiences we would be glad to hear them. We would like to know whether you experienced violence in a ‘public’ space such as roads, markets, or in public transport such as buses and trains and what occurred thereafter. We would also like to know whether you have intervened to prevent an act of violence you have witnessed or raised your voice against it in any way, and what happened thereafter.

This data will be used for advocacy through designing a campaign to that aim to engage with bystanders to intervene when they witness violence against women.

Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.

*Violence refers to physical, verbal, sexual or mental abuse/assault/ harassment

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