$nominate$ your favorite woman on Twitter or even yourself if you think you fit.


As of 2019, there are ___ million people on Twitter, a really staggering number. But we
only hear from a countable few on a daily basis and of those, a small percentage are women.
We thought it was time to look beyond the numbers – followers, retweets, likes – and
find the women who fly below our radars but continue to use Twitter in a productive and positive way!

How do we do that? Considering the sheer volume of people, it would be difficult to do it on an individual basis, so we turned to the next best option: you guys. We would like you to nominate your favorite woman user (???) on Twitter or even yourself if you think you fit. A select few of those nominated have some exciting surprises in store for them!

And that’s it! Nominations close on January 31st so don’t miss the deadline to nominate your fave women on Twitter!

Get Involved.

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