Adolescent Empowerment

School-based programs for children to tackle harmful social and gender norms that contribute to girls dropping out of school early


Raising Awareness

We create awareness of the rights of young boys and girls, promote agency, talk about education for girls in India, develop negotiation skills and encourage inter-gender and inter-generational dialogues on the issues that most affect them.


Peer Educators

We help build agency, develop aspirations through career counselling and conduct sessions on sexual and reproductive health to break myths and taboos


Community Mobilisation

Shifting norms and deep-rooted practised require us to work with parents, teachers, frontline health workers, and PRI members


Our Mission

Breakthrough makes gender-based violence, particularly violence and discrimination against women and girls, unacceptable by transforming the culture that permits violence. We work with adolescents in schools and communities to mould gender norms and beliefs before they solidify into behaviour. This creates a generational shift so that a culture of equality, dignity and justice can emerge.


Our Impact

Increase the age of marriage for girls by nearly 2 Years in project areas of Uttar Pradesh.
Increase in girls aspiring to unconventional careers like LIC agents, electricians, mechanics, IAS/PCS in intervention areas.
Transformed 15.5% of gender-regressive views of adolescents in project areas of Haryana.
17% increase in adolescent girls visiting a health facility in project areas of Uttar Pradesh.
Increased reporting of violence, both physical and otherwise in Uttar Pradesh.

About Us

Breakthrough’s work with nearly 1.5 million adolescents helps them build their capacity to push against norms that hinder them by fostering aspiration, leadership, agency and negotiation skills. Through this, an entire generation is shifting towards an enabling, gender-equal culture that finds gender-based violence unacceptable.

Our mission is led by young people aged 11 to 25
. As they rise against gender-based violence, we also support their journeys with media tools that shape public narratives and inspire people to envision a world of equality, dignity and justice.


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