Photography and Audio-Visual Consent Policy.

Breakthrough’s Photography and Audio-visual Consent Policy will be followed by all members of the organisation and followed and promoted by those in the position of leadership within BT.

Scope of the Photography and Audio-visual Consent Policy:

The policy applies to everyone working for or associated with BT and encompasses the whole organisation and includes without limitation:

  • Employees at all levels – in office, in field or elsewhere
  • BT Associates – these include board members, volunteers, interns, consultants and vendors. Also the employees and/or representatives of partner organisations and local governments who have been brought into contact with children by BT
  • BT Visitors – (e.g. donors, journalist, media, researchers etc) who may come into contact with children through BT are also bound by this policy


Responsibilities Under the Photography and Audio-visual Consent Policy


BT employees, associates and visitors must:

  • Never take photographs or audio-visual footage of individuals and subjects without their consent in written or audio-video format.
  • Submit the written consent form or the audio-visual consent in original to BT.
  • Ensure that they announce to gatherings about the photographs and AVs being shot and that individuals can move away or dissent in case they don’t want their photo or AV shot
  • Ensure that the individual/ subject has been explained the contents of the consent form and is aware of the nature of usage the photograph/ audio-visual material by BT
  • Always ask permission from parents/ legal guardians of young people below 18 years before taking images (e.g. photographs, videos) of them. Respect their decision to say no to an image being taken. Ensure that any images taken of children are respectful (For example: children should have adequate clothing that covers up their body. Images of children in any way that may impact negatively on their dignity or privacy are not acceptable). Stories and images of children should be based on the child’s best interest.
  • Be aware that in case there is a breach of the Photography and Audio-visual Consent Policy by Employees or Associates, BT will take action in accordance with disciplinary procedures. This may result in disciplinary sanctions and/or dismissal for Employees and termination of contracts with Associates
  • BT, its contractors, its employees and BT consultants will not offer any financial compensation to individuals or subjects associated with shooting or publishing photographs and/ or audio-visual content in BTs materials and other publications/ products

BT employees, associates and visitors must not:

  • Disclose information that identifies any children who may come in touch with BT or make it available to the general public, where consent has not been given and/ or withdrawn within one month of the date of consent.

All directors, managers, and associates must:

  • Ensure that each employee member understands and adheres to the Photography and Audio-visual Consent Policy of BT and whenever there is a field visit by any other employees, associates and visitors, where they may shoot photographs and/ or audio-visual materials, the Photography and Audio-visual Consent Policy of BT has to be clearly spelled out.

If any individual/ subject has any concerns about or wants to withdraw their consent. They must do so by the end of the program by informing the person who took their photo or video.

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