Monica doesn’t

play ‘house, house.’

She runs one.

Monica was just 14, and still in Class 9 when she was married.

A year later, she was sent back to her parents.

Her dreams - of being a teacher, or a doctor even - were dust.
As she watched her little sisters play ‘Teacher, Teacher’,

Monica made a promise. She would not let their dreams die.

It’s a promise she intends to keep. With your help.

One in four girls like Monica is married when still a child.

Denied schooling, a childhood, dreams, an identity.

But you can change this.

Make a promise today.

To end child marriage and keep girls like Monica in school.

When you make a donation to Breakthrough, you become part of Team Change. Your donation helps us talk to communities about keeping girls in school, and not getting them married.Make a promise today.

Your donation creates a tiny piece of change. A father decides to keep his daughter in school. That simple decision sets into motion a ripple of possibilities for her. She goes to school. She stands up for her siblings. She dreams of being a doctor. Do you see?

With just this choice you’ve made, to be part of Team Change, you’ve changed her world.

From a world of compromise, to a world of promise.

All donations to Breakthrough are eligible for 50% tax exemption.

Get Involved.

Join the generation that is working to make the world equal and violence-free.
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