The Equal Project.

The Problem​

  • 1 in 4 girls are married before turning 18.
  • Nearly half of Indian girls under 15 are anaemic.
  • For every 1000 boys that are born in India, only 918 girls are allowed to be born.


  • The answer: Deep-rooted patriarchal norms.
  • Whether it is attending school, going to the market unchaperoned or just having some leisure time with their friends, gender norms dictate what girls are ‘allowed’ to do or have.

About The Project

We believe that each girl deserves an equal chance to live the life of her choice. 

That’s why we’ve been working for over 23 years to transform the gender norms which are at the heart of gender inequality. 

Through Breakthrough’s school-based program, we’re reaching over 900,000 adolescents directly and a further 4 million through our collaboration with the governments of Punjab and Odisha. 

Through our work, we hope to shape the views of young people to create a new generation of gender-equal citizens!

But this would not be possible… not without help. That’s why we created The Equal Project: to bring together people who care deeply about ending regressive gender norms and creating a safer world for women and girls. 

Who are they? Meet the people making The Equal Project a reality!

Parmesh Shahani

Sushma Jain

Shalini Passi

Sejal Firodia

Kalpana Shah

The Artist and The Sculptures

As part of the project we have invited various artists to showcase their dreams of equity for India’s girls by painting a special sculpture of a girl created by the renowned architect and sculptor Arzan Khambatta. Born in Mumbai in 1982, he’s been sculpting since a very young age and his first public sculpture was exhibited in Worli, Mumbai in 1995.

Arzan Khambatta

The sculptures have been hand painted by a multitude of master painters and artisans such as Sujata Bajaj, Seema Kohli, Kamar Alam, Gurcharan Singh, Nayana Kanodia, among many others!

The Equal Project will be coming together to celebrate gender equality in a grand celebration! On that day, the beautiful sculptures and symbolic representations of gender equality will be on display at the venue.

Interested in knowing more about The Equal Project? Reach out to us below:

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Karan Singh:

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