The Equal Project.

About the project

Every girl deserves to be treated equally. Every girl deserves a life of dignity and agency. That is what we believe in.

Equal treatment, equal ambitions. No compromises.

We believe we can make it happen.

That’s why all of us here have come together, to start a conversation on ending gender inequality. To say that every girl matters and ensure that every girl’s voice is heard and choice is respected. 

And now you can be a part of it.

About the artist

Arzan Khambatta is an architect turned sculptor. He was born in Mumbai in 1982, graduating with a Bachelors in Architecture from Rachna Sansad Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. He’s been sculpting since a very young age He began sculpting using scraps of metal sourced from garages and construction sites, and his first public sculpture was exhibited in Worli, Mumbai in 1995. 

Your Role

Here’s your chance to be part of a movement which is working on ensuring each girl is given the equal chance to live the life of her choice.

Donate now, and help push the dream of gender equality one stop closer.

You also get to adopt an artist’s representation of gender inequality (pictured below).  

Be a part of the Equal Project today!

The Sculptures

These sculptures have been individually painted by a selection of renowned artists. These include master artisans like Vivek Kumawat, Nayana Kanodia, Om Swami, Pradipta Chakraborty, Oinam Dilip, and many others! 

Get Involved.

Join the generation that is working to make the world equal and violence-free.
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