Not sure who a bystander is or what bystander intervention means? Here’s an explainer!


When it comes to violence against women in public space, most of the bystanders feel helpless since they don’t know in what ways they can help the survivor. Here’s what you can do next time. 



Often, we think someone else is going to take action, and that stops us from taking action. If more and more people have this urge to do the ‘right thing’, maybe the rates of daily sexual harassment which is often normalised, will come down.” Breakthrough along with is petitioning to include reporting of violence against women under Delhi’s ‘Farishte Dilli Ke’ scheme.
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Your decision to be an active bystander ALWAYS makes a difference. #DakhalDo

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    “#DakhalDo kyunki dakhal dene se hinsa ruk jaaye, toh dakhal andaazi achhi hai. Let’s hold up a mirror to ourselves every time we see violence against women and pledge to not walk away the next time! Join @INBreakthrough’s campaign today.”
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“Mind your own business”? What happens when we don’t? #DakhalDo

Even a small step makes a big difference. #DakhalDo

“If you feel helpless, seek support from people around you.” Actor @RajkummarRao shares some smart ways to intervene in violence against women. #DakhalDo

“अकेले अगर न हो पाए तो लोगों से मदद लें।” ऐसे कई तरीके हैं दखलंदाज़ी के। जानिए अभिनेता, @RajkummarRao का क्या कहना है। #DakhalDo


Do people intervene in violence against women? What goes through their minds when they do?
These questions and more were addressed in Breakthrough’s report on bystander intervention and action. Read it today! #DakhalDo


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