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7 Feminist Instagram Accounts We Should Know About.

Feminism, as we know, is a much more inclusive and accepting movement now than when it started off. Today, we not only fight for women’s rights under this movement but also for the rights for all gender identities as well as for multiple vulnerable and non-dominant identities. It is a widespread movement today and has inspired, pushed and changed people’s lives for the better, for some time now. 

We all crave for that kind of inspiration daily. We all want something that fuels us, shows how each of us can make the world a better place. So, here’s a list of my favourite Instagram accounts that talk about feminism, inclusivity, body positivity and ecofeminism:

1) Sanskaari Sass

A page full of feminist memes, this page oozes sass and teaches you how to throw some sass at misogynists, the right way. Not just that, Sanskaari Sass talks about politics, body positivity, privilege and much more. The Sanskaari Sass Podcast on Spotify is a really interesting topical podcast that has reached a lot of listeners and helped them get a deeper knowledge about feminism and also learn what the guests on the podcast feel about it.

2) Feminism in India


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Our #MondayMotivation is @gracebanu an activist for transgender and Dalit rights. She is the first transgender person to be admitted to an engineering college in the state of Tamil Nadu, and overcame terrible discrimination for being Dalit as well as being a transgender person to study engineering. #FIIMotivation #PrideMonth2019️‍ . . Watch her interview on our website! . . . . . . . . #feminisminindia #feminist #feminism #women #win #indianfeminism #intersectionalfeminism #gender #equality #genderequality #intersectionalfeminist #indianfeminist #womensmovement #Resist #Herstory #womensrights #diversity #humanrights #SDGs #SDG5 #pridemonth #pride #motivation #inspiration #GraceBanu

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Smashing patriarchy with every picture, this page is not only inclusive but also a great way to know about different activists. They share insightful quotes and stories of activists who have broken through and disrupted the world of patriarchy. Their posts are very informative, but when it comes to their Instagram stories, they are quite engaging. They have quizzes and ask open-ended questions that get the brain wheels up and running. That way, we don’t just introspect but at the same time, read other people’s viewpoints, which in turn, gives us new perspectives.

3) Feminist Flower Crown


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child sexual assault

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With 38.3k followers, this page is growing very fast. Feminist Flower Crown is very inclusive and talks a lot about unlearning everything we know about the world. They want us to wash off even the hints of patriarchy that have seeped into our pores. With so much to offer, this page will be the daily source of inspiration for you. Not only that, they talk about abuse awareness and conduct question-answer activities for people to answer. One very intriguing thread of theirs was #WhyIDidntReport, which you will find under story highlights of the page.

4) The Blue Dawn


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#Repost @anticastecat • • • In Sheetal sathe’s words, “petati mashaala Saau” (a burning flame, is saau). A woman who gave birth to the feminist movement in India. A woman who struggled all her life for the upliftment of women from all castes, including Brahmin women. A woman who started India’s first school for women at the age of 17!. A woman, who died serving plague affected patients for whom she herself opened a clinic. A woman, who opened widow shelter homes, homes for prevention of infanticides, free food hostels for famine hit victims, taught girls in the morning and working class in the nights at her night schools, encouraged inter-caste and widow re-marriages. Chaired Satyashdhak Samaj and Intiated marriages in that method. A woman, who smashed Brahminical Patriarchy in ways that cannot be challenged. Note that all this happened over 170 years back. 170! This is our Saau, our Savitrimai. This won’t be enough if I keep writing about her. If you want to know more about her, go read, Hari Narake’s book on Savitribai Phule which is available online. And buy, ‘Forgotten Liberator- Savitribai Phule’ by Braj Ranjan Mani Artwork: This painting is my favourite of all time, made by @rajmalvika who also takes orders. You should definitely check her work and buy stuff from her. Always so proud of our artist! Just look at the details in this painting And, Happy Teacher’s Day you all! Jai Savitri! Jai Phule!

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The Blue Dawn is a community initiative and network of support groups created to facilitate accessible mental health services to Bahujans (Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Nomadic Tribes, Decriminalised Notified Tribes across religions). Their Instagram page is the perfect window to what they do off social media. They talk about mental health from an inclusive lens. Mental health services in India are not very accessible and affordable and mostly cater to the dominant castes. But with The Blue Dawn in the picture today, that hierarchy is being challenged every day.

5) Libby’s Happy Project


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Mood I’ve had a crappy couple of days BUT today I was gifted a printer and scanner from my Amazon wishlist and it made my week! (thank you again, so much @clare.ingramward ) Acts of kindness can make such a huge difference, so I decided to pass on the good karma. Tag a friend below and tell them something you love about them ❤️ I’ll randomly select somebody who comments to recieve a free painting! I’ll announce the winner on my story in 24 hours Good luck and be kind to everyone, including you. ❤️ #bopowarrior#riotsnotdiets#bodypositive#bodyconfidence#bodyconfident#bopoart#art#bodyart#illustration#bodypositivepower#inspo#inspiration#mybadassbody#lfl#feminist#feminism#donewithdieting#beinclusive#inclusive#mentalhealth#health#nude#nudeart#nakedart#naked#bopo#love#l4l#f4f

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Libby Phillips, an 18-year-old “body-positive warrior”, started this account with the aim of making space a more positive one. She illustrates cute images that speak to and is relatable to a lot of us. She posts these illustrations with positive and wholesome captions that will surely take you a step closer to loving yourself the way you are.

6) Megan Jayne Crabbe


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Yesterday a group of us rocked up to Parliament to talk to the Government Equalities Office about body image, what the current reality is & how to create real change in the way people feel about themselves. We talked about how to make social media a safer place, the need for fatphobia to be recognised as a form of prejudice & how legislation could reflect this, eating disorders, male body image and how marginalised communities experience body image issues differently! I don’t want to flex and make it sound like anything super radical was achieved (or make it look like I did more than I did – which was turn up somewhere and say some things), but I’m hoping it’s the start of a much longer conversation that will ripple out and into actual change. And I’d love for you all to be part of that too! What change do you want to see? How do you think the government can get more involved on the issue of body image? What legislation do we need? It’d be great to be able to feedback to them & also learn more myself about where we can go from here! ☀️ p.s. yes I wore a crop top to parliament fight me • [image description: Megan is standing in an ornate room with statues, carved archways and paintings on the wall. She’s wearing a rainbow pleated skirt with a white crop top and smiling while holding her arms out] #bodyimage #bodypositivity #edrecovery #bodyconfidence

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Megan Jayne Crabbe is not only the owner and curator of this page but also the author of the bestselling book ‘Body Positive Power’. She has always been the person to talk about her body, her mental health and feminism openly. Her account is not only colourful but it also makes a lot of women fall in love with their bodies. She has 1.1m followers on Instagram, making her one of the most famous body positive and feminist accounts.

7) Contemporary Womxn On Earth


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Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen: re-enactment of Janine Antoni’s “Loving Care”

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Talking about sisterhood, art and ecofeminism, this account has garnered 135k followers. They have a very unique take on contemporary women, and they are very accepting. Not only do they talk about ecofeminism, but they also encourage their followers and #selfhealers to come forth with their stories of hurting and healing. They also talk about how we can bring about change in the way we treat this planet. 

These accounts have helped bring about a change. They have pushed people to think outside the gender binary and gender stereotypes. They have made an important contribution to the feminist movement to ensure that it is much more inclusive and accepting. With their initiative and push, people have changed, been inspired and grown.

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