The Breakthrough Voice 24th October, 2016

We Asked Twitter To Feminist Up DDLJ And They Did Not Disappoint.

Last Thursday, we had #21YearsOfDDLJ trending on social media. Anyone who has watched the movie, would recollect the famous Amrish Puri dialogue “Ja Simran Ja”. And, all of us who love feminism confess that when you watch a movie like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, which is nothing but three hours of regressive mind numbing drama, ‘Ja Simran Ja’ is the one dialogue in isolation which brings to the brim all feminist hopes and aspirations.

So, we put up a poster on twitter and asked people to add a feminist line after “Ja Simran Ja” and well, then, there was no stopping. What came our way was humour so pure and joyful that our happiness knew no bounds. Here are a few tweets which will crack you up!

Next time, you are buying sanitary napkins and the shopkeeper wraps it in a black polythene or brown paper.


Also, when you are bored and walking past any random space remember.

When your exercise routine involves organising women workers before breakfast.


Oh and you do know that notions of beauty are all a social construct right?


And then came the SHOW STOPPER.


Be Simran and challenge gender roles.



This is a guy traveling around the Eurorail, stealing beer and gatecrashing his girlfriend’s wedding. What privilege!


 Pro-Choice, all the way!


What a ‘pure’ message!





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