Newsletter 14th October, 2021

Back on ground, prioritising safety and well being!.

Like all organizations around the world, Breakthrough is also managing every stage of this pandemic for the first time, learning and evolving as we go. Our office is fully functional and staff visits according to a roaster system. Our frontline workers have already started working relentlessly on the ground to ensure that women and girls have the support they need during the pandemic.

Here’s how:

  1. Recent news reports have pointed out that there is a 12% gender gap in vaccinations with 31 million more men than women being vaccinated till August 2021. Further, with school closures and increasing reliance on online education, girls are dropping out of school and being pushed into early marriage. To counter this team Breakthrough is raising awareness about Covid-19 vaccination, specifically focussing on women by:
    1. Creating and sharing communication material which encourages Covid-19 vaccination.
    2. Breakthrough youth leaders are running awareness campaigns in their communities.
  2. Consistently talking to adolescents and their families to ensure their well being during these difficult times and having focussed discussions on issues like girls dropping out of school, being pushed into early marriage.
  3. Ensuring the mental well being of adolescents and youth that we work with through care circles and barefoot counselling.
  4. Training frontline workers and local authorities on the issue of domestic violence to ensure that domestic violence survivors have the support they need.
  5. Building a network of responsible citizens who can take action against domestic violence and other forms of gender based violence around them.
  6. Strengthening government response on these issues and building awareness on digital and other media platforms.

Do take a look at our public service ads on #vaccinehesitancy and share widely.

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