Newsletter 8th April, 2020

Breakthrough India’s COVID 19- emergency response.

Covid-19 outbreak is stressful for everybody. With social distancing and self-quarantining protocols in place, Breakthrough India has rolled out mandatory remote work from home till April 14,2020. Team BT has scheduled Zoom calls for India wide employees in order to clarify expectations, review material and equipment needs, and readjust roles so that people can leverage their strengths in new ways

Providing help via on ground teams:

Breakthrough’s on ground team members are focused on making sure that they provide the right health messages via posters, to the communities where they work and reside in during lockdown, in order to protect people from contracting Convid-19, making them aware of the latest developments and help disseminate the information to those around them.

Responding to Covid 19 Outbreak via online campaigns:

Breakthrough is concerned about how self-isolation and lockdown can force women living in abusive relationships and their children into uncomfortable and dangerous circumstances. Lockdown can restrict their ability to call for help or even the ability to speak to someone close. The services designed to support survivors during such times will be even struggling to help from a distance. Breakthrough is putting together a response by working with organisations who provide services for such cases and putting out messages to people to be aware of such incidences in their neighbourhoods. Please follow our social handles to learn more.

Breakthrough employees are creating awareness videos on TikTok, about Covid19:

Tiktok India reached out to Breakthrough for creating awareness videos on Covid19. Hence all employees are engaged for creating awareness about Covid 19 via 50 second videos on Tik Tok, around the following topics:

Hand washing and the importance of social distancing, what to do what not to do.
– Importance of sharing workload during house quarantine/ WFH
– Chances of increased domestic violence and helpline to reach out to.

And as we are working, we are reminded that any natural calamity or disaster impacts women much more – the workers at the unorganised sector, the vulnerable girls in the education system, the health workers in the frontline, migrant women workers, domestic workers. As children are sent home, providing for them, for the sick and infirm at home – the burden on women increases during such times.  We are even more determined to create stronger efforts to prevent violence against women and girls as we wait for normalcy to return.

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