Newsletter 29th May, 2019


We are back with Breakthrough’s summer internship 2019 ‘Breaking Through

For Youth, By Youth And it is free of cost!

Duration: 1st to 26th June, 2019 | Place: South Delhi

The summer internship or Youth leadership training is a comprehensive training program that includes youth from colleges and communities from all over India. Breaking Through focuses on raising a generation of Social Change Agents and Social Change Catalysts in cities where breakthrough is currently working. SCA (social change agents) are transformed and informed youth champion for gender equality and SCC (Social Change Catalyst) together make “Breakthrough Generation Youth” who are transformed and informed youth who are also inspiring and impacting similar journey of transformation among their peers, community and institutions they belong to.

Internship is the next level incubation or training of interested and enthusiastic youth from these spaces whereby they learn the next level skill which is:

  1. A more comprehensive and critical understanding on GBD, GBV and allied concerns.
  2. Develop, Design and Implement a city level campaign on online/digital platform and on-ground public places and localities.
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