Newsletter 11th June, 2021

Breakthrough Team Change leader Aditya’s story – Breaking gender barriers in the pandemic.

Adity, a 19 year old Team Change Leader from Bazar Tola village of Foolwariya gram panchayat of Bhathat block of Gorakhpur, had, in pre-Covid times, taken a training that was offered to the young adults on making re-usable cloth sanitary napkins from discarded clothes. During the lockdown Aditya noticed that the female members of his own family were running short of sanitary pads as supplies were affected. He figured out that other families must be suffering too. Aditya started talking about this training with women and girls of his neighborhood. He invited them to learn from him how to make sanitary pads at home. The women were initially shocked to see a boy discussing menstrual health management issues openly with them. Aditya did not get embarrassed at their reaction. He told them that menstruation is a completely natural process that required hygiene and cleanliness. He added that there is no need to feel embarrassed as both boys and girls undergo various kinds of developmental changes in their bodies and mind, and these things should be discussed so that all have the correct information. The women and girls agreed, and Aditya gave them training on how to make re-usable cloth sanitary pads. Reports of such an initiative also came from other villages in Gorakhpur and Lucknow too as word spread.

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