Deadline for receipt of applications: 5th Dec 2021, 23:59, IST (Indian Standard Time)

Breakthrough and partners are putting together a Pan-Asian forum for sharing of experiences and analysis on prevention of gender based violence (GBV) and gender based discriminaiton (GBD) through norm change from 2nd to 4th March 2022. Over the 3 days of the summit we plan to deep dive into creating a future agenda, priorities and strategies for preventing GBV and GBD through responsive actions towards norm change, strengthening response mechanisms and other transformative actions. The summit will be an interactive space for dialogues, networking, partnership building and listening to collectively take ahead the agenda of gender equality and justice across Asia between feminist activists and leaders across working in research, policy, and practice. It will also try to build a collective advocacy agenda for the region and look for organizing spaces, alliances and groups for working together in the future.


Who can apply ?

We want to hear from women’s rights activists, community and grassroots leaders, civil society organisations and networks, feminist economists and researchers, academics, policy makers, and development and humanitarian practitioners from all generations, identities and backgrounds who are directly or indirectly involved in promoting  committed and working towards prevention of GBV and GBD across different spaces and with different constituencies.


Where to apply ?

The online application form will be available from 15th November 2021 – 5th  December 2021 in . The application can be submitted in English.

Please note the deadline for submission of applications is 5th December 2021.


When will applicants be notified?

The selected participants will be notified by email by 25th January 2022. Please note that the decision of the selection/ organizing committee will be final.

Guidelines for contributors can be found here. Please read the guidelines carefully before submission.

For any queries or clarifications please write to

Application form – 

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Type of organization/ institution

Country/ies of operation in Asia:

Language/s you will be using in the presentation/ for speaking (Please check abstract guidelines for details)

Please note, we will provide translations only during the plenary sessions if there are more than 20% participants speaking/ using this language.

Themes (select one)

Tracks for submissions:

You can choose one or more of these tracks under each theme for your abstract submission

About Your Session:

Session description (in English):

Don't just tell us what your session is about – tell us what makes your session unique. How will you structure the discussion to promote interaction between speakers and participants? How will you bring diverse perspectives and experiences into the conversation? What will make the audience sit up and take notice?

Format overview - For proposal (please select one format):

Organised panels are not an opportunity to “talk at” your audience. We strongly discourage the use of visual aids and presentation tools, unless done in a unique, engaging way. Online panels can support polls, mentimeter, other virtual tools and live chats where participants can contribute to the conversation. Keeping this in mind, please share your thoughts/ responses to the questions below for your submission:

What is the issue/ topic that your panel will focus on?

What is the goal of your panel, and how is it relevant to the summit themes and/ or tracks?

How will the participants/ audience/ panelists help you achieve this goal?

How do you plan to include voices of the people from the affected community?

What is your topic and how is it relevant to the summit themes and/ or tracks?

How has this topic affected you, your organization or the people from the community you engage with and/ or belong to?

Are you the speaker for this topic?

Which language will you use during the talk?

Describe the purpose of your workshop, and what skill/ solution will you be sharing with the participants?

How is your topic relevant to the summit theme/ tracks?

What will the participants gain from attending your session?

How do you plan to make the session interactive, and engage your participants?

Describe your discussion theme or topic.

Will you be speaking, bringing another speaker?

How is your topic relevant to the summit theme/ tracks?

How has this topic affected you/ your organization personally?

How do you plan to engage the audience during the discussion?

How will you promote your session (not more than 100 words)?

Can we list your session publicly on our web platforms, and on social media?

If your proposal is accepted, are you interested in connecting with other session organizers?