In Focus 19th September, 2014

Send Doodles for #Selfies4School Campaign.

All this month of September, we’d be holding a doodle-a-thon for YOU to doodle on the issue of early marriage and how going to school can delay it. It would be really nice if you could work around these following theme.

Meet Uma



Uma, is the #Selfies4School own super girl, with dreams of continuing with her school education. She embodies the spirit and aspiration of all the girls that want to avoid early marriage and aspire to study further. Considering so many young girls in India do not enjoy the freedom that a lot of us frequently take for granted, we wanted to ask you a question:

What does freedom mean to you?


What comes to your mind when you think of early marriage? What would life be if you didn’t have these basic personal freedoms?

Now, can you visually represent this? We would love to see your doodles. Let your imagination run wild. We’re waiting!


How to participate?
Please doodle on the above mentioned theme and send in your submissions to along with a picture and a short note about yourself.

What’s in it for you?

We will make sure you receive a wide platform and a huge amount of audience for your work. We will share your work on our social media websites. You will be featured on our multimedia platform. Some of the best will receive Breakthrough’s merchandise and an opportunity to participate in Breakthrough’s future campaigns.

If we like your work, we would love to have them used as a part of our larger outreach materials. Your work will actually be used to make a difference in the areas we work.
Make your voice count for your own freedom, as well as those of others!


Some doodles we have already received:

Art work by Ishita Desai

The above doodle is by Ishita Desai. Ishita says: When I think of an early marriage and a possible lack of basic personal freedom, I think of an identity being slowly washed away over time. Ergo, as connoted in my doodle with black space.

Art work by Nitin Sisupalani


Doodler Nitin shares his artwork titled The Lady In The Clouds in support of #Selfies4School campaign.  He says, every woman has wings. She wants to see the clouds. The free air around her. It’s her right to exist. So let her. Let her be capable of it. Educate her.

Are you inspired? Send in your submissions to

We’re eagerly waiting to see your doodles.


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