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FAQ: What Is ‘Team Change’?.

We recently launched our new programme – Team Change! (You can watch the intro video here.) Though we’ve been talking about it for a while, we’re pretty sure all of you have some questions about what Team Change is and how it works. We thought we’d put together some of the commonly asked questions into a handy guide for you!

What Is ‘Team Change’?

Team Change is a community of people who are working towards changing how society views and treats women and girls. From changing gender norms to dismantling patriarchal structures, we are working towards a holistic change in the status of women in India and you can be a big part of that, through Team Change.   

Why did we decide to start Team Change?

Well, for starters, we were sick of being in a world where women had to live in fear. Where girls drop out of schools because of the lack of toilets. Where half the population are afraid to leave the house at night. And we wanted to do something to change that. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

Why should I join Team Change?

To help bring change! But joking aside, we mean it. When you join Team Change, you become a part of the journey. Every donation we get and every volunteer who works with us contributes towards helping us change the way people think. So that a young girl can stand up to her family and insist on studying, not marriage. Or a father starts the tradition of celebrating his daughter’s birth with fanfare.

This is a change you can help bring.   

What are the different things I can do as a part of Team Change?

You can join Team Change either by making a donation or choosing to volunteer with us. Once you join Team Change, your journey is just beginning. In the coming months, we’ll take you through the work we do on the ground – programmes, campaigns, workshops, everything aimed at changing regressive norms. We will ask you to participate in activities you can do with those around you, in order to inspire this very change.

How can I join Team Change?

This is the easy bit! Just head over here and choose your options. You can choose to either donate or to volunteer with us. We would welcome both. And trust us, it helps. Every little bit counts.

So head on over to the link above and come and be a part of the Team Change family. Help us bring the change you believe in. Join Team Change today.  

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