Impact Stories 27th September, 2019

From Photographs To Jeans, This Girl Didn’t Let The Patriarchy Beat Her!.

Mansi is a resident of Saraiya village in Bakshi Ka Talaab. Her story shows how she gained the courage and confidence through ‘Taaron Ki Toli’ programme to stand for herself!

This story dates back to 16 March 2019, when she had visited her friend’s house for his birthday party. He was turning 9 years old and they even took a selfie together. But a few boys from her village, took her photographs secretly from a distance without her consent and knowledge. After a month, her friends informed her about the other boy who had taken her picture and had used it as a wallpaper on his mobile. They also told her he used to kiss it.  Mansi was furious, because she had always been taught in ‘Taaron Ki Toli’ that nobody should take their pictures without their consent.

That very same day, she found that boy walking by her house. Community members and her mother were present there. She stopped him on the way and asked him about what he had done. She also warned him that if she complained about him, his future would be spoiled. She asked him to delete her photo and also made him do sit ups on the main road. She warned him that such an incident should not happen again, either her or with any other girl. Her mother and the community supported her. 

Another concern that she had was that girls in her village were not allowed to wear jeans. The parents were concerned that it wasn’t safe for girls to be dressed in western clothes and attract attention. But a few girls from nearby villages, including Mansi, decided that they needed to bring about a change in the mindset of their parents. 

They decided that they would only buy jeans, or else they wouldn’t buy any new clothes. The Breakthrough trainer also came and had a word with their parents. Since the girls had asked their parents to buy them jeans during Holi, the parents found it difficult to refuse. They finally did understand why their daughters’ freedom to wear what they wanted was important and they bought them jeans. 

The girls were very happy that not only did they get jeans but also the fact there was a change in their parents’ way of thinking. Mansi’s friends including Anshu, Nancy, Nishi, Gudiya, Vidya, Sandhya, Roshni and Ekta had together voiced their right to choose their own clothing.

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