The Breakthrough Voice 13th March, 2017

Holi hai madam, gussa kyun karti ho ?.

“Holi hai madam, gussa kyun karti ho ?” (It’s Holi madam, why are you getting angry?)

Dear Holi,

Mein Bura mann gayi hoon (I have taken offence). My question to you is: Since when did Holi become a festival where loosening of social rules only meant sexual harassment?

Why such double standards ?

Is it not a violation of human rights to humiliate one physically, by throwing colours without his/her consent? What is worse, this harassing tradition will very soon become the only version of you.

Holi, what have you turned into ?

You were once a dear friend of mine, in the form of a colorful pichkari and gulal (pink colour), today you remind me of sexual innuendoes and unwanted hands groping my waist without consent.

Holi, you wanted to spread colors and subvert social hierarchies ?

You remind me of SRK in Darr, “Happy Holi, K-K-K-kiran”.

Hidden under the garb of festivities, hooliganism and harassment is at it’s highest peak. Many young children and men assume the right to throw water balloons at anyone and everyone. Water balloons hurt like hell, one could easily have a concussion and be rendered deaf for life.

How does that sound, Holi ?

Lethal, isn’t it .

Watching my body being violated  followed by humiliation and your Colgate smile.

Holi, when did you turn so parochial ?

In Mathura, congregation of widow women come together to form a sisterhood to celebrate and feel jubilant.

What gives you the right to drag/harass/force her into playing ?

You have caged me in my own house/hostel. Universities have come up with their forward looking guidelines to protect me .

Funny, isn’t ?

Can’t even step out for the fear of your hand clasp my face with colors.

I am scared,

I am scarred,

I don’t like you anymore,

You’ve turned into a pogrom.

Note: Valentine’s day 2017 saw Miranda House Women’s Development Cell strike, dance and rise with the One Billion Rising movement. Women from WDC, in the spirit of OBR, decided to write letters to patriarchy who had been their constant lover: it was time to breakup.

Breakthrough India joins hands with MH-WDC’s One Billion Rising campaign in University of Delhi and brings to you a glimpse of some of these letters, some of the stories that women from Miranda House have been writing to patriarchy. 

Beware, you might soon find them in your nearest bookstores as well!

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