Newsletter 14th October, 2021

Latest update from the frontlines:- Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.


The gender curriculum proposed by Breakthrough is incorporated into government school’s books of grade 6, 7 and 8 has been approved by the Punjab School Education Board.

  • The Department of School Education, along with Breakthrough, have identified the following subjects to integrate the TKT lessons with:
  1. Welcome Life (Moral Science): These classes aim to increase student awareness on constitutional values, and gender-sensitisation segments positioned under the chapters on equal rights. Total 12 chapters have been developed out of which 4 are on anaemia.
  2. Health and Anaemia Prevention: These lessons tackle some of the gender-based discriminatory health practices against young girls in terms of access to nutrition, medical attention, leisure time and hygiene. The modules will be conducted as part of the Welcome Life curriculum. These chapters are included in class 7th and 8th Moral Science.
  3. Social Studies: Separate supplementary textbooks for the three classes 6, 7, and 8 with activity plans based on Breakthrough content have been positioned through History, Civics and Geography chapters. This content is largely practical work.  Almost 33 activities have been planned keeping in mind the SST lessons.
  4. English Language: English lessons with strong gender messaging while meeting the core purpose of teaching the language to students have been created with exercises based on vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and composition. A total of 12 lessons have been developed.
  • Training of Teachers- Cascade training model:

The 248 Master Trainers who were part of gender sensitisation training by Breakthrough, rolled out the cascade training to block mentors all across the state of Punjab. The specific objective of the two days of training was to bring all the master trainers at the same platform of gender knowledge and made them understand the basic concepts of gender and gender based discrimination. In this process Breakthrough trained 232 master trainers on gender. They in turn have oriented 2797 out of 23276 teachers on gender. The rest of the teachers will receive the training in November along with the curriculum training. Breakthrough has been supporting the government with all the necessary resources for the success of cascade training. Also, Breakthrough will monitor teachers and schools in order to have continuous feedback and understanding of the situation on the ground.

Delhi and Haryana:

  1. Conducted Taaron Ki Toli Sessions with 13000 adolescents in 123 gram panchayats across 6 districts of Haryana. Two sessions were facilitated during July and August namely- Bado Se Baat Cheet (dialogue with parents) which focussed upon the intergenerational dialogue with parents and Adhikaro Ka Tana Bana (web of rights)  which explained adolescents rights while establishing the issue of how agency and access to rights is limited for adolescent girls.
  2. Vaccine hesitancy: The virus itself may not be targeting women and girls specifically, but our social fabric is such that we’re seeing them being amongst the worst impacted. Breakthrough has launched culturally relevant videos for fighting misconceptions. Our frontline team is working tirelessly in villages to address vaccine hesitancy amongst women.
  3. Distributed about a 1000 sanitary pads in 10 brick kilns in Haryana and Team Change leaders distributed hundreds of face masks on Youth Day in Sangam Vihar, Delhi.
  4. Webinar- Sapne Na Tute- Saath Na Chhute:- The pandemic means more families are being pushed into poverty, forcing many girls to work to support their families and to drop out of school—with far less of a chance, than boys of ever returning. To address these issues and to open the discussion of need based counselling for adolescents, a webinar was organised in association with a group called Counsellor Dost. It was attended by 162 adolescent girls from six districts of Haryana. Experts gave tips to adolescent girls regarding how to cross these hard times, keep hold of education and aspiration.
  5. Conducted online and onground training of Frontline workers and DLSA’s Para Legal Volunteers on the issue of Domestic Violence:- There’s no doubt the pandemic has made existing gender inequalities worse and risks reversing hard-won progress made over the last few decades. The counter the same-
    –  Haryana team trained 124 ASHAs/AWWS in Karnal and Panipat district. This on ground training was conducted with DLSA’s 103 Para Legal Volunteers in Karnal, Panipat and Sonipat district.
    – 3300 people(19-35 age) were trained in Delhi-NCR in the months of July and August 2021 on Hollabacks’ 5D methods of bystander intervention through online sessions in order to promote bystander intervention individually and in collectives.
  6. Partnership with Department of Women and Child Development to strengthen Saheli Samanvay Kendra (SSK) Initiatives: Breakthrough will support the Department of Women and Child Development Delhi to strengthen 101 SSK in Delhi by training ICDS workers and thousands of youth across Delhi on hollabacks 5D intervention methods under StandUp Campaign. This collaboration aims to develop platforms across the state to call out, prevent and address the violence against women and girls under SAMVAD component of SSK. This also aims to create sustainable community network of youth change leaders at the ground level to challenges the norms on violence against women and girls and promote bystander intervention individually and in collectives.

Uttar Pradesh:

  1. Wellbeing Session for Team Change Leaders:
    Pandemic is not just a medical phenomenon, it affected individuals and society and caused disruption, anxiety, stress, stigma, and xenophobia. Overburdened by the financial crisis, early marriage, uncertainty about their education and burden of domestic chores all lead to mental health issues in adolescents. Hence, Breakthrough organised virtual sessions for Team Change Leaders in Uttar Pradesh and with the help of external experts, we reiterated the significance of mental health.It was based on narrative group therapy.
  2. Noora Health Training
    A training to prepare on ground COVID volunteers was conducted by the organization NOORA Health. Our 32 Team Change Leaders participated in this training. Post ‘Noora Health Training’- ‘Village Warriors Task Force’ was set up in villages of U.P. which majorly includes TCLs. This task force has been active in villages spreading awareness related to COVID and COVID-related guidelines. This task force conducted the following activities:

    • Sanitization of 22 Villages
    • Distributed 1154 masks
    • Ensuring vaccination of self by 8 TCLs
    • Facilitation of vaccination of 2800 other people by TCLs
    • Covid 19 Awareness among 1710 community members
    • Awareness through wall writing at 40 spots
    • Made and utilised 93 awareness posters
    • Slogan writing by 47 TCLs
    • Conducted small group discussions around personal hygiene

  3. Haq ki Baat Zila Adhikari ke Saath
    In this programme headed by the district magistrate, 60 people of our intervention communities including youth and Nari Sangh women took part in the discussion with the government officials. Youth of Mehmoodpur village of Lucknow demanded a playground for girls in their village. Several district level officers were part of this programme.
  4. Breakthrough’s Team Change leader inspired Zila Parishad member to donate 1160 packets of Sanitary Napkins in Karmaura village of Bhathat block of Gorakhpur.
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