In Focus 27th March, 2015

Make your own #Askingforit poster.

Hello everyone, we hope you have been following our campaign — #Askingforit— on our social media channels. As a part of this campaign, we have girls and women enjoying their right to public spaces and emphatically saying that they are not #Askingforit.

We would love it if you can participate as well. Here’s a little blog post on how you can make your own #Askingforit poster. All you need is Powerpoint, a picture and a text message you want to share.

The process is easy. All you have to do is:

1. Download this Powerpoint file  here. The ppt contains a slide with the #Askingforit logos and colors. Once downloaded, open the PPT in Powerpoint. It should look like this:


2. Drag and drop the picture that you want to use on the post to the Powerpoint slide you just downloaded. It should appear like this:


3. Once you have scaled the picture to fit the entire slide, right click on the picture and select ‘Send to back’, which will show you another menu, on which select ‘Send to back’ again.


4. Once you’ve done that, you can see that the #Askingforit branding will show up over the image.


5. Add your text message to the picture, by clicking on ‘Text Box’ option, under the ‘Insert’ tab on Powerpoint.


6. This will let you create a little box in which you can type your text message, it should look like this:


7. Now you can save your post, by clicking on the Windows icon on the top left corner. This will open a menu. On this menu select ‘Other Formats’.


8. This open another menu, in which select your file format as ‘JPEG File Interchange Format’.


9. Now give your post a name, find a place to save it and click ‘save’.


10. Once you do that, a dialogue box will open, on that select ‘Current Slide Only’. Doing this will convert your slide into a picture with the #Askingforit logo and your own personal text message.


11. You will be able to see your post as a .jpeg file where ever you have saved it.


Now all you have to do, is log into Facebook, in your status update bar, select ‘Add Photos/Video’, write a little text post and click on ‘Post’.  And your own personalized #Askingforit post will be available for everyone to see!

Share you Facebook posts with us, by tagging ‘Breakthrough India‘ on your posts.

If you have any questions, do leave in the comment section below.

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