In Focus 15th September, 2014

Of Restrictions And The (Lack Of) Mobility Of Girls In Haryana.

Haryana is known to be restrictive for girls to step out in the open even if it is for education. It is a male-dominated society where people restrict the girl’s mobility in the name of safety and security of girls. The recent example of the two teenage girls on Rohtak who committed suicide after sexual harassment by a group of boys on the way to school is one of the glaring examples. In their suicide note, these girls specially mentioned the cause of their suicide and pleaded for the society to come together and take measures to stop this.

Such cases of atrocities have had a negative effect on the families with daughters. Parents of daughters feel insecure for allowing their daughters to step out to schools and colleges. This adds to their list of many reasons for not sending their girls out to the public places. The question, however, is that would this solve any of the problems? Or is it becoming a problem of its own?

With this protectionist attitude today we restrict our daughter’s future and tomorrow we do not even want our girls to be born. This is how the sex ratio of Haryana has declined and today the women and girls feel unsafe anywhere.

Now the time has come for us to understand that we need to raise our sons differently and to promote more women and girls to come out in public spaces so we can make this world a safer place for all.

Photo Credit: Munna Payeng

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