FYI 22nd October, 2020

No lockdown on hope and change.

Varsha (name changed), who is also a member of Breakthrough’s Roshan Tara programme in UP, chose to take on early marriage in her village head on. Upon discovering that another 16 year old girl is being forced into early marriage with a 40 year old man, Varsha chose to raise her voice against it. She explained the harms of early marriage and convinced the girls family to stop the marriage. A couple of years back, she took a similar bold step and  prevented her own marriage with regular counselling from Breakthrough. Till date she has been working on her resolution without fail , in order to pursue higher studies and achieve financial independence.

“Had it not been for the Breakthrough’s programme and you, I would have married my daughter and her dreams would have ended too early.”- says Varsha’s father

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