In Focus 14th September, 2016

Shackles of Sexual Harassment.

Sexual Harassment is one of the most common forms of gender based violence that girls encounter both within as well as outside their homes. In fact, studies have revealed that homes are the most unsafe places for girls and women, with sexual assault being often committed by known persons. Yet life outside is considered more unsafe and ironically,  it is the fear of sexual harassment in public spaces which causes life of many girls to be confined to the four walls of the house.

As mobility of girls is hampered, girls, especially in rural areas, are not allowed to even access educational opportunities beyond their hamlet. The fear of unwanted despicable touch or comment by strangers also checks the mobility of girls in towns and cities. A girl who has suffered sexual harassment in public place loathes the thought of undergoing the same experience a second time. It kills confidence of many girls to move out unaccompanied.

Sexual Harassment is often considered fun activity by boys, but for girls it becomes a reason for curbing of their mobility and access to public space. Boys and men must be sensitized over the fact that their fun activity targeting girls can permanently mar a girl’s life and limit her opportunities of social interaction, learning and growth.

Our second episode of ‘Bekhauf Rah’ was developed with this message. Here is the episode. Do give it a listen.


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