FYI 21st November, 2022

Stories of change.

Raziya (19) and Nargis(17) are from Sangam Vihar, New Delhi and have long been associated with Breakthrough and its work in their community. This is their story. 

One night, they heard loud cries coming from a neighbour’s home who they knew was very abusive towards his wife. They understood that things had gotten out of hand. When they went with their mother and knocked on the door, he refused to open.

The next day, when the man had gone out, they went again and heard from his wife about how she was getting abused by her husband for money. 

The sisters brought her groceries and other essentials and made her aware of her rights, empowering her to file a complaint against her husband if the abuse continued. They also provided the survivor with the women’s helpline number. 

After learning that she wasn’t without support, the woman decided to report him to the police if the abuse continued. 

Unfortunately, it did and the woman warned her husband about the consequences of his actions this time. She also called the women’s helpline number. For the first time, the husband apologised and swore to never repeat his actions! 

This was a transformation that Raziya and Nargis were elated to witness; a transformation which they had helped bring about!

Change starts with young people like Raziya and Nargis.

And we at Breakthrough are proud to work with and empower young people to help create a world where any kind of gender based violence and discrimination is unacceptable.

Your support empowers our work to help more young people like Raziya and Nargis. 

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