Impact Stories 30th September, 2014

Story of Change: Breakthrough workshop prevents early marriage.

In 2013, Priyanka Kumari was as student of standard X in Upgraded High School Dharampur. As a student of this school she participated in one of Breakthrough’s youth training program conducted in the school. She was also the part of the SHG training conducted at the village level.

During both programmes, Priyanka performed the role of Chanda during forum discussion. She had already passed her matriculation and was planning for her future she came to know that her parents had already planned her marriage.

At first, recalling the mitigation strategy discussed during youth training, Priyanka tried to counsel her parents against early marriage and shared with the family the learning of the youth training. She told them she was too young to get married, being just 16 years of age. She explained that marriage at her age was forbidden as per law and would also harm her future.

Priyanka at this stage has made the commitment to herself that at any cost she will not marry. When counselling her parents did not worked, she approached her school teacher, Mr. Chotan Prajapati, for help. Mr. Prajapati told her that, since counseling her parents had not worked, she would have to take the help of law to save herself from early marriage.

Thinking over the words of the teacher, Priyanka decided to take help of law. She was determined enough to report the case to police. Mr. Mundrika Singh, the police station incharge, immediately took the initiative and called upon the parents of Priyanka to discuss the matter. However, Mr. Singh did not file the case since it would mean Priyanka father could have the chance of being penalized and imprisoned. Instead Mr. Singh counselled the parents against early marriage himself.

Thanks to his intervention, Mr. Singh was able to prevent Priyanka from being forced into early marriage and secured an independent, empowered future for her.

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