In Focus 3rd November, 2016

Taaron Ki Toli.

Taaron ki toli as the name suggests is a group of stars. Breakthrough is working in schools in Haryana to create many such taaron ki toli’s. These groups of stars are young school students from across Haryana. Similar groups are being formed across several districts in Bihar and Jharkhand as well.

These stars come together regularly every week to learn about gender based discrimination, and explore and understand ways in which they can prevent these forms of discrimination around them – at homes and in their communities. They are lead by the Dhruv tara – their teachers and principals. These teachers and principals contribute their time and support towards the students through the rest of the year.

The students learn through games, songs, drawings, and other activities that are conducted by the Breakthrough team at their schools. The taron ki toli includes boys and girls as well, who come together to learn about ways in which they can support each other and raise their voices to protest against and prevent gender based discrimination around them.


Besides the games and activities, the students have workbooks/worksheets which they can take back home with them. This helps them to remember what they have learnt and gain confidence to be able to voice their opinions. In order to continually build their skills and confidence the students from the taaron ki toli have presented programmes in the school assemblies. Apart from building their confidence this also helps to spread their learning to the rest of the school.

We can see some of the changes that are happening because of the taron ki toli programme in Haryana, Bihar and Jharkhand. A teacher in Haryana was initially apprehensive about girls and boys sitting together for a session, and interacting with each other. However, after a few sessions, the teacher approached the Breakthrough facilitator and mentioned that they found the students learnt better and respected each other in a co-ed atmosphere.

Later this year, we will create more tolis across various districts of Uttar Pradesh and reach out to 2,00,000 girls. Through this programme we want to create more such stars among students. This will help to each of them in turn to spread the message that gender based discrimination and violence against women and girls in unacceptable. To help achieve this dream we need your generous support. We need you to be our strength.

Come forward and pledge your support.

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  1. I really proud of ur team nd I wish to join u people also because it makes me happy but due to my busy schedule I m unable to do.U peoples r really doing a grt job, I hope it will change ur nation.

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