In Focus 31st August, 2017

“Tall Girls Would Slouch To Fit In”.

When we’re born, we’re a blank slate. Then we get written on, like a computer program. Our insecurities and biases are hard coded into our CPU. For instance, we are taught about how we should perceive our bodies.

Chances are that a lot of the issues that we struggle with, a lot of the lingering leechy thoughts that engulf our minds in the dark hour of the night, were seeded during childhood. Some of us were told that we are chubby, some of us were told that we’re too dark-skinned to be beautiful. Some of us were told that our walk is funny. It seems strange because we’re supposed to live out those experiences and move on to new ones. But they stuck to us, or rather, we stuck to them, drowning in our swamp, like an endless void.

When we started to talk about adolescence, we wanted to have a conversation about how we come to perceive our bodies, how our consciousness evolved to accommodate our bodies. It resonated with some people. We got a flurry of responses from people about how the scars embedded in them during childhood stuck to them.

The worst part is that these scars weren’t just embedded by peers, as horrifying as that is. They were cemented by teachers, school authorities, coaches and dance instructors, those who we look up to, and those who are supposed to protect us.

We’d like to share some of those responses with you.


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