In Focus 17th January, 2017

This Time We Are Asking For It. Stop Sexual Harassment..

Women are always told that this world is not safe for them. If they want to stay safe, they have to protect themselves, by staying indoors, by wearing ‘appropriate’ clothes, by not stepping out when it’s dark and so on. When they face sexual harassment, instead of being the given the support they rightfully deserve, they are blamed for calling it upon themselves. Why do we blame women when they are on the receiving end of violence? Does it serve a larger purpose of reiterating the subordinate position women are granted in a patriarchal society?

Enough is enough. Yes, we are asking for it. We are asking for empathy. We are asking for strength. We are asking for you to be a safe space. So next time, you witness sexual harassment, intervene, in whatever way you can. Stop sexual harassment.

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