The Breakthrough Voice 27th February, 2015
Wall Writing in Nagar Chaungwa, BKT Block, Lucknow.

Breakthrough organized a wall painting at Nagar Chaungwa Gram Panchayat in Bakshi Ka Talaab Block, Lucknow in order to stop violence against women. Before starting the wall painting have done the orientation of the youth on the Gender and Domestic Violence issue, after that at least 15 participants actively took part in the wall painting program and wrote the slogans in their village. Rahul, son of gram pradhan was leading this activity.

Some of the testimonials Breakthrough received are:

  • Afsana said, “before I have not done this type of activity in my village, I am very excited to be the part of this social change.”
  • Deepa said, “we will continue this wall painiting”
  • Mahendra and Amar said, “we will also do this activity in the Parsahiya GP also”
  • Priya said, “this is very interesting initiative. People will mobilize by seeing the slogans.”

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